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Plant-Based &
Dog Treats

No chemicals or preservatives added.

Perfect for snacks in between meals.

Made with real & organic ingredients.

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

The power of pumpkin combined with healthy nutrients to provide your dogs with a boost to their nervous system and helps improve blood cell growth.

Carrot Cake

Our delicious carrot cake treats help support your dog’s vision and bone health, and provide a healthy and shiny coat.

Side Salad

This powerful all-in-one helps boost your dog’s overall health with great tasting, all-natural ingredients. These treats also help increase appetite and freshen your dog’s breath for happy days of tail wagging.

PB & B

Your dog gets that peanut butter and banana taste they love, combined with nutrients and antioxidants that help boost red blood cell function, metabolism, and weight control.

Want A Mint?

Let’s be honest, all dogs need a breath mint! These chews don’t only freshen your pups’ breath, but they are packed with so many good nutrients and benefits.

Rocky Poodle loves loves loves these treats! He also loves that he can keep his vegan lifestyle in tact. Thank you!

Alice H.

My dog is such a picky eater and suffers from food allergies. I was so happy to have found Wagging Companions treats. I can be assured that he is getting the nutrients he needs and even more importantly he absolutely loves them. He really enjoys the Carrot Cake…one is never enough for him!


My puppy loves these treats! She’s so excited to see the bag because she knows she’s getting one! They’re low calorie and medium sized, easily breakable for quick treats when training. Love them!

Cassie B.

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Why Give Your Dog Plant-Based Foods?

Plant-based pet diets are better for the environment and our dogs! They are associated with benefits of decreased incidences of cancer, diseases and infections, controlled weight, better digestion and hydrated skin. Additionally, plant-based diets are allergy-friendly, bioavailable (almost all of the food consumed is absorbed and utilized by their body) and anti-inflammatory. You’ll be able to see an improvement in your dog’s energy levels and overall health within 30 days!

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