Our Story

Our pups are our best friends, and naturally, we only want the best for them. As proud dog obsessed, animal lovers and environmental protectors, our company aims to help pet parents across the country find healthier and more sustainable options for snack time.

Every flavour of our vegan dog treats is made with a carefully hand-picked selection of healthy and organic ingredients you can feel good about. No matter how old your dog is, there is a flavour they (and their bodies) will love right here in our collection.

Mission Statement

At Wagging Companions, our mission is to enable dogs to thrive, not just survive. We inspire dog parents to join us on a journey of wellness and sustainability to achieve the wellbeing of animals everywhere.



Wagging Companions is a company built on sustainability and we continue to strive towards creating meaningful ecological impact. We’re committed to sustainable and organic sourcing of ingredients and materials. In addition to our products being eco-friendly, we strive for better with a few extra ways of caring for our planet:

3 Trees Planted For Every Order

We work with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! Through our reforestation efforts and by not using animal proteins, we’re taking a huge burden off of the planet.

Certified Plastic Neutral

We have partnered with repurpose Global to remove as much plastic from nature as we create in production. We donate resources to Project Pavitra Parvat located in India where people are on the front lines removing as much ocean-bound plastic waste as we use in our packaging. We are officially Plastic Neutral certified!

Our Pouches

Made from 100% recyclable materials. Just recycle them as per usual.

Our Boxes

Made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. All you need to do is fold them and put them with the rest of your household recyclables.

Our Insulation

We use insulation made from fully recyclable materials. You can throw these in with the rest of your household recyclables!

Limited Quantity

A 3-4 week supply of treats in our vacuum-sealed pouches, ensures your dogs’ daily snacks requirements are met and no food is going to waste. Always fresh.

We Are For the Animals

We are committed to being a voice for the voiceless. Here we love and protect all animals, not only dogs. When you choose a plant-based diet for your dog, you join us in taking a stance against animal cruelty.

Paws For a Cause

We are committed to being a voice for the voiceless. Here we love and protect all animals, not only dogs. When you choose a plant-based diet for your dog, you join us in taking a stance against animal cruelty.


Love Shade for Animals is an individual run community. The founder, Neha, is truly a voice for the voiceless. She is based in Allahabad, India and is on the front lines feeding stray dogs daily, providing beds for them to sleep in and working with local veterinarians to provide basic and emergency medical care.

Meet Natasha & Toro

Thank you for wanting your dogs to live their best life. I always felt guilty giving my dogs treats in which I didn’t know what most of the ingredients were, the long shelf life was always questionable and honestly, my dogs were more excited when I gave them table food. Wagging Companions was built with the idea of giving dogs the best lifestyle possible; we aren’t just talking about our pets, but dogs all over the world.

I worked in corporate for a few years up until covid hit and like many others, I was laid off. I very quickly realized that I did not want to back to that world and I spent majority of my time lounging around and playing with my dog. Toro hates store bought treats but he loves human food. I started by using bite sized pieces of fruits & veggies as rewards and eventually started mixing ingredients together to make him a fresh batch of cookies everyday. 

After doing extensive research into the canine food industry, it came to light that common preventable diseases in our pets begin in their food. Feeding our dogs clean and organic plants is the pillar of their health. 

A plant-based dog food company is our small effort in making a great impact in the lives of our dogs and their people. The goal is to give every animal in the world the love and respect they deserve.

For the love of dogs, we hope to achieve a lot and we need your support to do it. Until then, keep your pups wagging!

Live. Love. Leap



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